A single control for various source typologies
A single dimmer for many protocols

What is this about?

Case 1
Discover how to control LED loads in Constant Current with VF 3÷45V with a 48Vdc line thanks to a single voltage PWM dimmer controlled by DALI MASTER, mobile app, 0-10/1-10 V and Push and to Step-Down voltage/current converters with PWM DC output.

Case 2
In the second case, discover how, starting from a 12 to 48 Vdc line, you can control linear LEDs in constant voltage thanks to a PWM multi-protocol constant voltage dimmer controlled by DALI MASTER, mobile app, 0-10/1-10 V and Push.

Case 3
In the last case starting from a 24 Vdc line it is possible to control Constant Current LED modules with VF >26Vdc thanks to a constant voltage PWM multi-protocol dimmer and Step-Up converters with constant current output.

On whatever the applicative context may be

Dimmer: Single channel multiprotocol dimmer CV
Converter: Step-Down voltage/current
Converter: Step-Up voltage/current

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