High frequency, single-channel, multi-protocol, self-adjusting dimmer.

We have further improved our dimmer, so that you can fully enjoy the highest performance of light.

This 2KHz PWM high frequency dimmer is free of flickers that are nuisance for both people in terms of the quality of light and devices in terms of interference.

There are, indeed, two types of flickering, one visible, the other invisible. Both have an impact on human beings, causing headaches, discomfort, worsening sight, increased tiredness and a decrease in attention.

Although the human eye is generally able to see frequencies up to 100 Hz, under certain conditions it can perceive much higher frequencies. That’s why this 2000Hz high-frequency dimmer, with a long, precise 0.1% to 100% dimming curve, is perfect for LED light dimming in television and photographic studios, museums, video-controlled areas, schools, where our children spend a large part of their days, hospitals and production environments equipped with hazardous, high-speed CNC machinery.

This new feature joins the other already extraordinary features of this dimmer:

  • Customizable voltage and/or output current;
  • Management of numerous protocols: PUSH N/O, low voltage 0-10V, 1-10V, potentiometer, DALI, Bluetooth;
  • Self-adjusting;
  • Protection against power supply inversion and input overvoltages;
  • Isolated 5/260 VAC/VDC button

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