Compolux Magazine, in the March-April special issue dedicated to LEDs,
writes about Omni: our hardware, software and service system, created to manage light including by voice commands in a totally innovative way.

Today, when we talk about the Internet of Things, we’re talking about a world of interconnected objects that are also connected to the internet, with tremendous potential for lighting manufacturers.

The IOT is progressing in great strides in a range of different spheres of application: from smart cities to home automation, from artificial intelligence to smart speakers. This is a trend that’s growing fast, and is expected to reach 36 million homes in Europe by 2024, with a turnover estimated at 4,272 million Euros in 2020 alone. 30% of users already use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control their lighting and heating.

The OMNI system by Iot-Light allows lighting manufacturers to enter this market in the easiest, simplest way possible, and to take advantage of the incredible possibilities for data acquisition and enhanced business opportunities…

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