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Frequently Asked Questions

The OMNI system

Does the OMNI system only work with standard Wi-Fi?2020-04-29T12:55:40+00:00

Yes. Currently the OMNI system uses Wi-Fi to connect the app and devices. The OMNI system can work on different devices, DALI, PWM etc.

Can I manage devices fitted with OMNI from third party applications?2020-04-29T12:57:35+00:00

Yes. Once connected to the net, devices fitted with OMNI can be managed via the apps of Google Home and Alexa voice assistants.

Who can help me if I don’t understand how OMNI works?2020-04-29T12:57:26+00:00

Our technicians are always available to explain things, give advice on how to use OMNI or help you install the system. You can get in touch using the form on our website, emailing us or calling us. Have you seen our video on showing step-by-step configuration?

Can I connect other dimmers to the OMNI system?2020-04-29T12:57:19+00:00

Yes, you just need to check that the dimmers are compatible with a standard DALI protocol. If this is the case, all you need to do is buy an OMNI Wi-Fi to DALI converter and you’re ready to go.

Can I request customised hardware modifications?2020-04-29T12:57:12+00:00

Absolutely! Customisation is our speciality. Let us know your requests and we’ll assess the viability of the modifications you require.

Can I request customised modifications to the OMNI software?2020-04-29T12:57:03+00:00

Absolutely! Customisation is our speciality. Let us know your requests and we’ll assess the viability of the modifications you require.

Can I manage the data obtained from the system myself?2020-04-29T12:56:56+00:00

Yes, using the customisation process on the OMNI server you can access the database and the data obtained from your OMNI system. Contact us for further information.

Can I customise the app that controls my lamps with my own branding?2020-04-29T12:56:50+00:00

Yes, using the app customisation and publication process you can give the app your branding and corporate colours.

What do I need to install the OMNI system?2020-04-29T12:56:41+00:00

It’s very simple. To add devices to your Wi-Fi network all you need is a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network compatible with the 802.11 a/b/g standard and a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone (Android or iOs).

How do you understand in which state or type of connection the dimmer is located? and what do the LEDs on board indicate?Title2020-04-29T12:56:33+00:00

Below the status of the LEDs (Common to all OMNI products ).
The customer can check by flashing if the dimmer is in BLE mode, WiFi local network, or connected to the server:


1) Always on with a short flash off: 

active bluetooth connection waiting to receive the parameters for the WiFi network connection 


2) Off with a short flash on:

connected to the local wifi network, ready for control via smartphone connected to the wifi network


3) Off with a two short flashes on:

connected with the smarthome server

 if, after entering the WiFi network credentials from the APP, the LED does not go to point 2) it is necessary to verify that the passwords and the network name are correct and that the router is able to assign an IP address to the dimmer (DHCP) if, when the dimmer is at the point 2) and logged in to the smarthome through the APP, the dimmer does not switch to the flashing LED indicated in point 3), it is necessary to check the presence or absence of a firewall on the router that blocks outgoing/ingoing connections from the WiFi LAN to the Internet across the router.


How do I reset one or more devices?2020-04-29T12:58:44+00:00

To reset a device, follow these simple steps:

  1. Press and hold the button that controls the light (i.e. the button usually used to dim the light) for 30 seconds.
  2. Turn off the electricity supply to the device for a minimum of 5 seconds.
  3. Turn the device back on.

The device is now reset and returned to factory settings.

How do I control lighting at two or more different locations?2020-04-29T13:36:27+00:00

With the new IOT-LIGHT SMART app, it’s now even easier to control lighting in two different locations – for example, “home” and “work”: simply navigate to the relevant section of the IOT-LIGHT SMART app.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Open the IOT-LIGHT SMART app and go to the “Locations” section.
  2. Add a new location (top right icon).
  3. Log in with a new SmartHome account that will be associated with the location to be added.
    If you have not yet registered an account, you can create one here. Don’t forget that you can manage multiple SmartHome accounts (usernames) from the same email account.
  4. If you wish to, you can change the name of the location.
  5. Configure the lights you want to include for this location (refer to the IOT-LIGHT SMART app step-by-step guide).

To change from one location to another, go to the “Locations” section and select the location you wish to control.

Can I transfer devices that have already been configured to another device?2020-04-29T13:11:40+00:00

Yes, all you need to do is download the IOT-LIGHT SMART app to your device, log in with your SmartHome account and during configuration select the option “Include devices already configured”.