Current Convert with WATER STOP SYSTEM

Rising damp solutions.

A product that combines innovation, high customization and rigorous tests in order to guarantee the solution you are looking for.

Current Converter with Water Stop System

The Current Converter with Water Stop System is an innovative product, and every part is rigorously tested in our laboratory to guarantee top performance.

It is highly customizable and available with or without integrated electronics and prevents rising damp reaching your electrical devices. Find out more in the video.

Stop rising damp.

Dampness is the worst threat to electrical devices.

We have developed an innovative and effective system against rising damp.

Although products for external use are guaranteed against infiltration and are certified, they still have to tackle RISING DAMP which passes through the cables and compromises their functioning.

Advantages of our solution.

-Fast assembly;

-No damages due to humidity;

-High Quality;

-Tested Products;

-Customised Production:

-With Step Down Converter  from 200 to 1500 mA

-With Step Up Converter from 180 to 700 mA

-Without Converter

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